STELLA – stain resistant paint

STELLA - stain resistant paint

Stain-resistant paint for interiors

SempreFarby/Product/Interior paints

The latest generation stain-resistant latex paint for interiors. Enriched with unique compounds that repel dirt and dust, making it stain resistant and easy to clean. Recommended for places exposed to dirt, such as kitchens and dining areas, halls and children’s rooms, as well as wherever we want, it provides impeccable cleanliness to the walls, the best protection against stains and the highest degree of cleanliness. The modern formula used gives the product unique features. Extended open time and excellent flow gives the effect of a smooth, uniform, matt coating. Moreover, the non-drip formula is artist-friendly. Intended for interior painting of rooms made of typical mineral materials such as: lime plasters, lime-cement plasters, gypsum coats, gypsum boards, etc., as well as covered with other paint coatings. It is intended for decorative and protective coatings in bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, living rooms, halls, corridors, offices, kitchens, public spaces, hospitals. Available in colors corresponding to the range of IMPRESSIO and TUSCANY colors or colored based on the pattern provided.