Sterile – liquid for disinfecting hands and surfaces

Hand and surface disinfectant

Bactericidal and virucidal agent intended for disinfection of hands and surfaces at home, in agricultural and food industry plants, of equipment with and without food contact, in public facilities, health care facilities (outside clinical activities), disinfection in spas, beauty and fitness salons, tanning salons. May be used for disinfecting feet and footwear in swimming pools.


Quick hand disinfection The agent is ready to use, no dilution needed. Apply approx. 3 ml of the preparation on clean, dry hand skin, rub for approx.60 s and leave to dry without rinsing.
Surface disinfection
 For surface disinfection, apply an amount of the preparation appropriate to the area to be disinfected, rub it on the surface and let dry.

Preparation in the form of a liquid for hygienic disinfection of hands, surfaces that have and are not in contact with food, cat. 1, gr. 1, cat. 1, gr. 2, cat. 1, gr. 4 with virucidal and bactericidal properties.


Active substances: 100 g of the preparation contains: 80 g of Ethanol

  • antibacterial
  • germicidal