Company information

Sempre Farby is a Polish manufacturer of construction materials, operating on the market since 2003. We manufacture thin-layer plasters, elevation and interior paints, complete insulation systems, materials for renovation of historical monuments. Our offer includes over 100 products intended both for professionals and individual customers who appreciate high quality.

The SEMPRE Farby team comprises perfectly competent practitioners. Owing to their knowledge, experience and commitment we can constantly improve our products. Each member of the team develops their skills through regular training. We know that by perfecting our abilities we can improve our products.

In practice this means that the raw materials, production methods and finished products undergo constant control. In this way, we manufacture top-class products, which invariably stand out in terms of high quality that ensures long-lasting protection for newly erected and repaired buildings as well as renovated historical monuments. Our products are covered by a warranty.

Such philosophy of work gains recognition, which is attested by numerous awards, certificates and approvals, such as: European Technical Approval and Polish Approvals issued by the Institute of Building Technology, including certificates of the Factory Production Control for the insulation systems SEMPRE TERM ST and SEMPRE TERM WM as well as NSAI (Ireland) and BBA (England) certificates.

We are aware, however, that even the highest quality quality products must be properly applied in order to show their practical values. That is why we organize trainings, which include instructing contractors on how to fully utilize the potential of SEMPRE materials. The training program is adjusted to the requirements of the user of our products. The courses are conducted by production engineers and professional instructors. The completion of courses awarded with a certificate of Authorized Contractor.

To obtain more information, please use our helpline, where our employees will provide you professional and exhaustive information.

Helpline 0 801 98 78 78 available 7a.m. – 4p.m.