CERAMICMAT ceramic paint

Latex paint with innovative ceramic technology

SempreFarby/Products/Interior paints

The newest generation of latex paint with innovative ceramic technology, based on the highest quality resins and synthetic waxes. Ceramic microspheres (fillers) provide unique, highest degree of abrasion resistance. The highest quality waxes used provide the coating with superb barrier properties against penetration of stains. Paint with very high opacity and raised degree of whiteness. Creates a matte finish on painted surfaces and lends them an exclusive character. Designed for use on typical mineral substrates: lime plaster, lime – cement plaster, plaster finish, gypsum – cardboard, etc., as well as surfaces coated with other types of paint. Recommended for decorative – protective coatings in areas vulnerable to contamination – children’s rooms, offices, kitchens, public use areas, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, traffic routes, the food industry, catering and pharmaceutical industries.

  • for indoor applications
  • does not result in the lowering of the strength and utility properties of paints and plasters
  • no impact on the coating colour
  • ready for use