Facade paints

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We know how important it is for exterior paints not only to look good, but also to protect the facade. That is why we made sure that our paints meet all your requirements and at the same time are highly efficient. As a manufacturer, we supervise all manufacturing processes and are willing to listen to customer feedback.

We take the feedback into consideration when improving our products, so you can be sure that Sempre facade paints are the perfect choice.You can buy facade paints in many different, vibrant colors available in one of two color palettes: IMPRESSIO and MASSIMO. What is important, after application our paints maintain these colors for a long time, which makes the building retain its full aesthetic value for many years. Do not forget that, if necessary, we can prepare any color to special order!

Different types of facade paints

Regardless of whether you need a silicone (also featuring nanotechnology), silicate, acrylic or maybe latex facade paint, our range will always fit a solution ideal for a given substrate (even if it is a historic surface). Moreover, in addition to typical facade paints, in our offer you will also find elastic paints for covering scratches.

It is important to point out that Sempre exterior paints were created to withstand various weather conditions. They are characterized by high hydrophobicity, are highly vapor-permeable, retain their flexibility after drying, and some of them also feature algaecides and fungicides, which additionally protect the substrate they cover.