A deeply penetrating water-based primer

SempreFarby/Products/Priming agents for use under facade paints

The deeply penetrating, fine-particle primer is intended for leveling the absorbency of a mineral substrate with high water absorption and porosity, as well as for strengthening weak plasters, preparing the substrate for painting, filling, wallpapering and laying ceramic tiles. For indoor and outdoor use. It has outstanding binding and penetrating properties, which ensures thorough strengthening of the painted surface. It does not limit vapor permeability. Provides excellent adhesion to paints applied on concrete substrates and plasterboards.

  • ready to use
  • balances the absorbency of the substrate
  • odorless
  • for paints, fillers and adhesives

Packaging size [liter] 5 l 10 l

Average consumption per 1 m2 [liter] 0.06 * l

Packaging efficiency [m2] 80.0 160.0

Colorless coating