binding primer

SempreFarby/Products/Priming agents for use under facade paints

Product characteristics
Informacje dodatkowe

Product to be used indoors and outdoors. To be used for creating binding layer on typical foundations such as: concrete, marble, plaster broads, covered with painting coatings, also enamels, oil paints. Used together with acrylic paints Sempre and varnish Interprotekt in a dado system.

Product characteristics
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • ready for use
  • facilitates the application of paints and plasters on smooth or slightly absorbent foundations
  • enhances the adherence of coating products to smooth or slightly absorbent foundations
  • decreases the absorbability of absorbent foundations
  • water -thinnable
Informacje dodatkowe
Wielkość opakowania [litr] 3 l 5 l 10 l
Średnie zużycie na 1 m2 [litr] 0,17* l
Wydajność opakowania [m2] 17.5 30.0 60,0
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