Primers for facade paints

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Painting the facade should be preceded by solid priming. With this in mind, we offer you high-quality primers, which work every time when your goal is to level the absorbency of the substrate, achieve better paint adhesion (e.g. when painting smooth materials) and obtain a uniform color throughout the painted surface.

Sempre facade primers available from our store are designed for use on various substrates, strengthening them, while facilitating the painting process itself. Importantly, as the manufacturer, we are fully responsible for the quality and composition. And since we know a lot about paints, you can be sure that buying our products is a really good choice.

Different types of paint primers

We made sure that you find exactly what you need with us – regardless of the type of substrate and paints you intend to use. This means that you can buy primers for silicone, acrylic, polysilicate and silicate paint, as well as universal products. If necessary, you will also find deep penetrating primers – which additionally do not reduce vapor permeability.

If you are in doubt as to which of our primers will be the best for the surface you are going to paint, please contact us. Our specialists will be happy to clear any doubts and recommend the best solution for your application. And since they positively affect the efficiency of the paints themselves, we are sure that you will be satisfied!