PROGRESIL silicone and silica facade paint

Silicone and silica facade paint

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Product characteristics
Aditional information

Water-thinnable silicone and silica paint for both first as well as renovation paint coats. Resistant to meteorological factors Contains fungicides and algicides Used for typical construction foundations, also covered with acrylic paints. Recommended for objects which are under the supervision of the conservator of monuments and everywhere where high hydrophobicity of the surface and high permeability of water vapour are required. Available in the colour range corresponding to IMPRESSIO and MASSIMO colour palettes or dyed on the basis of the delivered template. Before applying the paint, the foundation should be covered with ground PROGRESIL GRUNT F.

Product characteristics
  • high covering power
  • Resistance to meteorological factors
  • inhibited soiling
  • high hydrophobicity
  • good adherence, both to mineral foundations
  • as well as covered with acrylic paints
  • high permeability of water vapour
  • creates a structural coating
  • coating resistant to algae and fungi growth
Aditional information
package size [litre] 10 
Average consumption per m2 [litre] 0,13* 
package efficiency [m2] 37,5 75,0
coating matte