Coarse-grained renovation plaster

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Coarse-grained plastering mortar, grain thickness up to 2 mm, for diffusion plastering. It supports drainage of damp and salty walls. For indoor and outdoor use. After setting, it is capable of accumulating salt for many years, creating a hydrophobic layer. effectively inhibiting the appearance of salt efflorescence on the plaster surface. Element of the SEMPER RENOWATOR renovation plasters system. Recommended
for renovation of historic buildings. Has a WTA certificate.

Meets the requirements of WTA 2-9-04 / D

  • suitable for manual and machine application
  • easily workable
  • hydrophobic
  • accumulates mineral salts
  • high air porosity
  • passes water vapor well
  • meets the requirements of WTA 2-9-04 / D instruction