Ready to use melanges of flakes for mechanical spraying

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Product characteristics

System to be used for decorating walls and architectural details inside rooms. Consists of colourful acrylic flakes pneumatically applied on the foundation painted with acrylic paint SEMPRE PREMIO FARBA PODKŁADOWA [PRIMER PAINT]. The obtained coating is heterogeneous in terms of colour - the dominant colour is interrupted by colourful flakes, bonded with the foundation with a primer paint in an appropriate colour. Should be protected with SEMPRE PREMIO LAKIER ZABEZPIECZAJĄCY [PROTECTIVE VARNISH], which shall ensure a long lasting durability and easy to keep cleanliness. The system can be used on typical construction foundations, also on ones painted earlier with acrylic paints.

Product characteristics
  • easy application with a pistol
  • easy to keep cleanliness
  • wide range of colours
  • enable obtaining original decorative effects