Latex indoor paint

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Product characteristics

Latex indoor paint of increased resistance to scrubbing. To be used of typical mineral foundations: lime plasters, lime and cement plasters, gypsum coatings, plaster boards etc., as well as surfaces covered with other painting coatings. To be used for executing decorative and protective coatings in rooms dedicated for continual presence of people. Because of its very high resistance to scrubbing recommended for all applications where the highest degree of cleanliness and hygiene is required. Available in the colour range corresponding to IMPRESSIO, MASSIMO and BARWY TOSKANI colour palettes or dyed on the basis of the delivered template.

Product characteristics
  • high covering power
  • high degree of whiteness
  • high efficiency
  • wide range of colours
  • high flexibility after drying
  • high resistance to washing and scrubbing
  • easy to keep cleanliness