Thermal insulation in construction EPS 036

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SEMPRE TERM EPS PODŁOGA & DACH white foamed polystyrene panels are manufactured by expanding polystyrene and forming the resulting balls at the appropriate temperature and pressure into a block with a light cellular structure. They are highly resistant to possible mechanical damage and feature high dimensional stability in various temperature conditions.They are also a material that is biologically resistant to mold, fungi and bacteria, which makes them suitable for wide range of applications. Intended for use in construction as thermal insulation of floors and roofs, where a product with the technical and operational properties specified in the “Technical Data” below may be used.

The polystyrene panels should be installed in accordance with the building design documentation, manufacturer’s recommendations, while adhering to good construction practice principles, using materials suitable for direct contact with foamed polystyrene. Materials containing organic solvents should not be used. SEMPRE TERM EPS PODŁOGA & DACH panels should not be used in places subject to long-term exposure to temperatures above 85oC.

  • very good thermal insulation of building partitions with medium transfer of loads
  • high dimensional stability over time