Priming agent under silicone paints.

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Product characteristics
Aditional information
A ready-to-use primer intended for ULTRASILICA and AZURO silicone facade paints. It can be used on typical construction bases, also those covered with acrylic paints, also for renovation purposes. It does not contain solvents. It strengthens chalking substrates and levels their absorbency. It is very permeable to water vapor and improves the hydrophobicity of the paint coating. It limits the formation of efflorescence.
Product characteristics
  • improves the adherence of the painting coating
  • enhances the efficiency of surface paints
  • reinforces the foundation
  • levels the foundation absorbability
  • inhibits blooms
  • high permeability of water vapour
  • improves the hydrophobicity of the painting coating
Aditional information
package size [litre] 10 
Average consumption  per m2 [litre] 0,06* 
package efficiency [m2] 80.0 160,0
coating colorless