Priming agent for use under acrylic plasters

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Product features
Aditional information

Ready to use priming agent on the basis of water acrylic dispersion to be used under all types of plastering coatings TESORO (structures: sand-finish, scratch, sprayed, rolled, modelled). To be used on indoor and outdoor construction foundations and also in the buildings insulating system SEMPRE TERM ST. Enhances adherence, levels absorbability of the surface and prevents its visibility through the plastering coating. Available in the full colour range corresponding to the colour palette of plastering mixes.

Product features
  • enhances the adherence of the plaster coating
  • enhances the efficiency of the plastering mix
  • inhibits discolourations and blooms (also salt ones)
  • facilitates obtaining the desired plaster structure
  • levels the foundation absorbability
  • easy application with a roller/ brush/ paintbrush
  • high efficiency
Aditional information
package size [litre] 5,0 10,0 15,0
Average consumption per m2 [litre] 0,15
package efficiency [m2] 33,0 67,0 100,0
coating white