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How to join the SEMPRE PREMIUM CLUB?

Step 1 – Declaration

Fill in the Declaration of joining the SEMPRE PREMIUM CLUB The Declaration can be downloaded here, printed and sent by mail. The declaration is also available in retail outlets and from our sales representatives. Collect 6 Bonus Coupons with codes from SEMPRE packaging and send them with the completed form to:

SEMPRE Farby, ul. Gen. Kustronia 60,
43-301 Bielsko-Biała.

NOTE: A declaration without 6 coupons will not be registered. Bonus Coupons sent with the Declaration of Joining the Program will be converted into a Prize (10 grosz per one credit) and will top up your Bonus Card.

Step 2 After registration

Following the receipt and verification of the Declaration, within 14 days you will receive a Welcome Pack containing all the necessary information and your SEMPRE PREMIUM CLUB Bonus Card.

Step 3 Collect Bonus Coupons

Collect Bonus Coupons with bar codes from SEMPRE product packaging and send them to us. You can send any number of coupons. You can paste the Bonus Coupons to a special form, which will prevent them from being damaged in shipment. Every month the sent coupons will be calculated and you will receive a transfer to your Bonus Card. You can check the balance of your Bonus Card through the website:

premium sempre - How to join the SEMPRE PREMIUM CLUB?