AZURO PREMIUM silicone plaster

Silicone plaster, sand-finish and scratched structure

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Ready-to-use silicone plastering compound with nano-silicon, intended for decorative and protective coatings in the SEMPRE TERM ST, SEMPRE TERM WM building insulation system and for use outside buildings on typical construction substrates, also covered with acrylic paints. The special formula with silicon nano-particles strengthens the combination of plaster coating binder containing silicone resins, inhibits the growth of microorganisms, mold and bacteria, increases vapor permeability, giving the material “breathing” properties, reduces unsightly, dark stains after rainfall, increases the hydrophobicity of the coating, thanks to which the surfaces are easy to wash with water, extends the life of the product and the attractive appearance up to several years, which reduces the costs associated with renovation or painting, increases full resistance to: high temperature amplitudes, UV radiation, microcracks and scratches, moisture. Also suitable for renovation. To be applied with a trowel. Available in a range of colors corresponding to the IMPRESSIO and MASSIMO color palettes or colored according to the provided model. Offered in many granulations, and sand-finish (textured) and scratched (rustic-look) textures. Before applying the plaster, prime the substrate with AZURO GRUNT or MULTI GRUNT.

  • contains nano silicon
  • high resistance to the growth of microorganisms, mold
  • high vapor permeability
  • high hydrophobicity of the coating
  • a large selection of structures and granulations
  • high flexibility after drying
  • high color stability
  • environmentally friendly

Additional information

structure/color Sand-finish [textured] Scratched [rustic finish]
Grain size [mm] 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0
average consumption per 1m2 [kg] 1.8 2.3 3.0 3.7 4.5 2.3 3.0 3.7 4.5
Package size [kg] 25 25