DIAMANTE Silicate plaster, sand-finish structure

Silicate plaster, sand-finish structure

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Product characteristics
Aditional information

Ready to use silicate plastering mix for preparing decorative and protective coatings in the buildings insulating systems SEMPRE TERM ST and SEMPRE TERM WM and to be used outdoors on typical mineral foundations, also for renovation purposes. The product is applied with a float. Available in a wide range of colours, in accordance with the palettes IMPRESSIO and MASSIMO colour guides or dyed according to the delivered template. Available in many granulations in the sand-finish structure (so-called "lamb"). Before applying the plaster the foundation should be primed with DIAMANTE GRUNT priming agent.

Product characteristics
  • easy application and texturing
  • wide selection of granulations
  • enhanced resistance to algae and fungi
  • mineral character
  • high permeability of water vapour
  • inhibited soiling
  • high mechanical resistance
  • durable colour scheme
Aditional information
struktura/kolor pełna [baranek] / biały, bazowy
wielkość ziarna[mm] 1,0 1,5 2,0 2,5 3,0
średnie zużycie na 1m2 [kg] 1,8 2,3 3,0 3,7 4,5
wydajność opakowania [m2] 14,0 11,0 8,0 7,0 5,5
wielkość opakowania[kg] 25