Thin-layer plasters

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Are you looking for thin-layer plasters that will help you protect the outer walls of the building from the impact of rain, wind and frost, and at the same time help insulate the building itself? You can find them in our store – and at really good prices. More importantly, however, all of the available plasters are manufactured to high standards, which translates into their supreme quality.

Using our plasters, you can easily mask any unevenness of the facade, and at the same time delay the staining, and make them easier to clean. What’s more, some of the available mixes help protect the walls from fungi. We also offer plasters with increased UV resistance, which further improves the fastness of color.

A wide range of plasters

We made sure our offer is adapted to very diverse needs. That is why in our store, you can choose polysilicate, silicone, silicate and acrylic plasters of different structures (including full and pitted, but also rolled and molded). Of course, you will also find plasters that are suitable for mechanical spraying among them.

We also made sure that the selection of available colors is extensive! Sempre plasters can be ordered in any of the colors available in the IMPRESSIO and MASSIMO palettes. Moreover, we can prepare a specific pigment mixes customized to your needs, based on the provided model. All this in order to provide you with high quality but also the opportunity to design the appearance of the facade that matches your vision.