PRIMAVERA latex paint

Latex Paint for Interiors
resistant to scrubbing and washing

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New generation latex paint, composed for easy application. It was developed with the use of latest technologies, allowing extended
open time, excellent flow and non-dripping formula. It gives the painted surfaces a characteristic, homogeneous matt finish. Intended
for painting inside of rooms made of typical mineral materials such as: lime and lime-cement plasters, gypsum plaster, drywall
panels, etc., as well as substrates painted with other paint coatings. It is recommended for decorative and protective coatings in
bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, sitting rooms, halls, corridors, offices, kitchens, public areas, hospitals.

  •  high resistance to washing and scrubbing
     matt
     perfect spreading
     perfect hiding power
     painting without dripping
     durable coating
     high efficiency