Saloni – anti-reflective paint

Anti-glare paint for interiors

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SALONI is a new generation paint for painting walls and ceilings in bright rooms, with a higher degree of natural and artificial light. The low angle of light reflection from the paint coating gives the wall surfaces a uniform matt appearance, without visible streaks. Ideally suited for covering walls with visible imperfections. The extended open time and excellent fluidity results in a smooth, uniformly matt coating. In addition, the non-dripping formula is user-friendly. Recommended for painting inside of rooms made of typical mineral materials such as: lime and lime-cement plasters, gypsum plasters, drywall panels, etc., as well as substrates painted with other paint coatings. It is designed for decorative and protective coatings in bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms, sitting rooms, halls, corridors, offices, kitchens, public areas, hospitals. Available in a range of colors corresponding to the IMPRESSIO and BARWY TOSKANII color palettes or colored according to the provided model. Certified with Hygienic Approval issued by the Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

  • anti-glare
  • uniform deep matt
  • streak-free coating
  • excellent fluidity
  • painting without dripping
  • wide range of colors